04 January 2010

Someone Is Terrified of This Video:

BZ posted it and suggested it had been taken down twice at his site. (His link wouldn't work for me.)
I searched and found a working link...
Check it while you can.
(Now my link isn't working either. Try watching here. )
Try the video. It worked for me this morning.


Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Actually, it was taken down twice on YouTube, not on my site. My usual Lefties weighed in and denigrated it. PLUS, seems like the Rasmussen Poll is taking serious flak from Leftists because numbers are indicating that Mr Obama is LESS loved than Mr Bush at the END of his SECOND term --

-- and fa Christ's sake we can't have them FACTS leaking out all over the place, can we??!!?


Rita said...

This is really one of the best political videos I have seen. Thanks for linking it.

the golden horse said...

I absolutely loved this. Thanks for sharing. I sent it to everyone I could think of for a little stimulation.
It is amazing how a little truth scares some.

cj said...

BZ - The assault on Rasmussen is actually pretty funny, given how well their assault on Fox News worked.

It's a great video.


Clint said...

I LOVE it!!

Change is comin!!