07 January 2010

Small Numbers. Sad Numbers.

Two (BR).
Six (OVC).
Four (Fatal).

Calm winds. Two miles visibility reported at the airport.
(But what was the vis. at the accident scene?)
Six Hundred overcast.
Night- 8:40 P.M.
Four people dead.
What is so important that you have to fly in such weather?


cj said...

Wait - Fish and Game? Good grief. I can't even imagine why they'd be up in the air if it was that bad.


Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Good point. What's so incredibly important on the FAG end that you even reMOTEly consider flying in ANYthing close to bad weather? There is NO such thing as a "fish and game" "crisis"!!

How damned sad. How pointless.

And all paid a price for a silly pilot.


GeronimoDriver said...

Well, I am biased, but I regularly fly at 500 and 2 VFR, 500 and 1 under a special... But not at night. It CAN be done safely, but can bite you too if you are not ready for it. At night, file IFR or stay on the ground. No reason to die just flying a plane, that's stupid.

GeronimoDriver said...

BTW, I have seen FAG fly around here when none of the 135 operators were flying. I guess some of them figure they are immune from disaster because they work for the gov't and are Part 91...?


Clint said...

I occassionally go over to the NTSB site to check out the accident investigations. It definitely puts things into perspective, not to mention I usually either learn something new or it drives home some fundamental aspect of flying.

BTW, I was reading through my archives the other day...do you realize you started posting on my blog all the way back in 2005? 5 years now. albeit, off and on for me....but truly amazing....

Greybeard said...

I bet you, like me, also read "I Learned About Flying From That" and Peter Garrison's "Aftermath" column in "Flying" magazine, don't you Clint? Interesting and worthwhile.
Yeah, it's amazing to think how long I've been lurking around on the internet adding my 2 cents. Sometimes I think blogging is a terrific waste of time...
I'm not doin' a very good job in the changing of minds. Then something else will happen that is just SO STUPID on its face, I have to vent.
April will mark the 5 year anniversary for "Pitchpull"...
Hard to believe.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Five years?

Good for you!

I say: keep 'em coming!


GeronimoDriver said...

I usually read FLYING back to front, most of the good stuff is in the back...