11 January 2010

"Now It Begins..."

The road will be bumpy, but I think this is the only way we fundamentally change the problems of the country.
Get on board!


jinksto said...

Comment #25 is jinksto (not my best prose but danged accurate) primarily in response to those crying "don't split the vote":

I am voting my heart in the upcoming election. I will vote for the representative that best matches my beliefs. I am tired of voting repetitively and uselessly to sell my country to China. Either give my country back or get out of the way. I don’t care what party this candidate claims. Republican, Independent, Democrat, even GOOOH. I’ll vote for the one that best matches my belief system regardless. I want people that represent me and my district, NOT the republican party, Certainly not the democrat party. I’m voting for a representative, not a voting block.

I watched the Democrats shred Sarah Palin and then I watched the Republicans do the same thing to her when she didn’t sit down and shut up like a good girl. I’m sick of it.

If you think I should be voting Republican because they’re not Democrat then you need to WAKE UP. It’s not happening. I’m not doing it. My friends aren’t doing it. My district isn’t doing it. It’s that simple, get it through your head. I will vote for the candidate that best represents my district the way the system was intended to work rather than the bastardized system that it’s become. Full stop. If I have to suffer through two more years of Democrat control in order to make the Republican party understand that then I’ll do it. The country will be bloody and wounded at the end of that time… it won’t happen without damage but it will survive and we will have it back.

the golden horse said...

I would love to see some changes. I would love to see some progress with another party.
The sad thing is, anything other that a Republican or Democrat in the debates is totally ignored.
Nada, no input, nothing, zilch. How sad, we can't hear what they might have to say.
Just ask Ron Paul.

jinksto said...

... and two years ago a "tea party" was a reference to a single event in history. Things change...

Clint said...

Time to do away with a two party system...it has produced way too much corruption and the parties each have too much power.