24 January 2010

The Chicago Way-

Let me start off by saying I don't read the blog.
But I'm tired of the attitude that "Freedom of speech is okay so long as you're saying what I want you to say".

It's too early yet to say if ACORN or the SEIU is involved, but know this:

Hillbuzz is a bunch of folks that supported Hillary Clinton in the Presidential election, then threw their support behind McCain/Palin when Hillary was out of the race. They also supported Scott Brown against Martha (Marcia?) Coakley.
Now they are being threatened with violence by the nasties.
How long before the nasties come to threaten you, me, and our families?

Lock and load folks...
It's gettin' serious.


wksaz said...

Copy the lock and load GB, already done..... I have recently moved to DEFCON 3 as SOP. I second the motion!


Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Many people in power have little understanding at all, as to what they are doing. The people are saying STOP PUSHING and Mr Obama and his minions have said, specifically, they will NOT stop pushing.


clint said...

lock and load.