22 January 2010

One Down, Three To Go?

Unemployment UP, UP, UP.
The national debt at a record high, with a congressional request in to make it higher still.
Other nations are fleeing the dollar as quickly as they can without drawing too much attention to the fact.
Our President(?) having his butt handed to him in Copenhagen twice, in Gubernatorial elections twice, and then losing a gimme election in Massachusetts.
It's hilarious and educational to go back in the archives and read the post and the comments it sparked here.

Wow. Just- WOW !


clint said...

It's amazing how we saw this coming even a year ago...
Yet no-one wanted to listen. I hope our remaining predictions are not correct...if they are, a bad president and incompetent congress will be the LEAST of our concerns...

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Liberal: "Hey, hand me that pitcher of Jim Jones, eh?"

Guess what, America? Your Leftists' self-described "Clean Negro" has guaranteed that this nation is going to reach 11% to 13% unemployment this year; it won't be going down for 2010. Oh no. It will be going UP.


cj said...

The experts are predicting high unemployment through 2013.