28 January 2010

"God's Own Lunatics"


cj said...


Nothing else to say except to wonder - is that your unit?


Greybeard said...

No CJ, it's not.
As a matter of fact, most of the activity Joe Galloway is referring to is stuff "slick" units, (the relatively unarmed troop carrying helicopters) did-
Landing to rescue guys under fire or to pick up wounded during the heat of a firefight. I was the guy circling above, providing gunship cover for those insertions, extractions, and dustoff missions. My job was not nearly so dangerous.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Mr Beard...as I've said before my hat is in my to all those who flew in Vietnam and my hand on my heart to those who fell. For those looking for a great read...Low Level Hell and Chickenhawk are wonderful books on the helicopter war from pilot's perpsectives.


Themav1977 said...

Thank God for men that like that.

Jack Tobin said...

The sound of a Huey was the sound of life, an ammo resupply on a contested battlefield, the exfil bird bringing you home, the bird that drops the mail with your ammo and new batteries, the bird that carried your wounded friend on the first leg of his trip home, the friend you drank a beer with last week.

God Bless the "slicks" thank God for them

Jack Tobin
5th SFGA
B-55 Mike Force

Robert said...

Bless ALL you helicopter pilots, slicks and guns, without which none of us would be here today!

Robert "Bru" Taylor
5th SFG

Bud Parker said...

I was a door gunner in C Troop (Air) 16th Cavalry back in the day. Every time I hear Joe Galloway narrate this dissertation about those of us who flew over and crashed on Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia it brings a tear to my eye.

1SG Bud Parker
US Army, Retired