27 January 2010

Facebook Information

Let's say you want to contact someone from your past...
Someone important to you to whom you'd like to say "Thank You".
Or someone who tip-toes across your thoughts now and then and you'd like to hear what has happened to them after so many grains of sand have found their way through the hourglass.

I try to use FaceBook that way.
Through FB I've connected with several guys I haven't heard from in over 40 years.
With gals and their taking on a different surname, it's much more complicated. I actually have found some old female friends by searching the "friends" list of old male acquaintances.
To you gals who are FaceBook users, do you add your (Maiden) name to your information?
It would make it easier for old friends to find you, but I know there have to be other considerations.
Care to share your thoughts?

1 comment:

cj said...

I think it's a new trend for those women who are married to hyphenate their names. You know, Sally Smith in HS lists herself as Sally Smith-Jones now on FB. I think it's a good idea.