17 December 2007

Your First Amendment Rights

Time and again we've been told our Constitutional Rights would be denied during the Bush Administration.
Unfortunately, that prediction has turned out to be correct...

How important are your Constitutional rights? Would you be willing to die protecting them? Would you die protecting mine?
The word "HATE" has been used on more than one occasion in comments to this blog. Once the word was used to describe feelings for President Bush. I can't understand that, but those that are feeling that emotion are being affected by it and they have to live with it.

My problem is that these "haters" demand the right to express themselves, while denying the rights of others to point out when they are wrong. Now it has taken a pretty serious step, to almost, (not quite), death threats.
Our higher learning establishments are fortresses of Liberal thinking.
Conservative thought is not welcome. Don't believe it?
Read this article, then tell me you wouldn't feel threatened by Liberals around you.

If "Freedom of Speech" is truly important to you, please take 10 minutes to watch this movie trailer:

I spent 22 years in the ARMY defending the attitude generally attributed to Voltaire-
"I don't agree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it."

Apparently that attitude only runs within Conservative circles.

That George Bush.... what a tyrant!

UPDATE: 18Dec-
A commenter points out, the Princeton emails are fakes!
The professors shown in the movie telling others to STFU are not.
Care to comment on the subject, David Horowitz?


Ordinarily, I agree with you, but... said...

You might want to pull this link to the Princeton story. It turns out that one of the recipients of the threatening emails was in fact the author of those emails, and that he fabricated the whole "threat."

Helo Pilot said...


I find the topics of your blog interesting to say the least. I agree with you in what you posted. I see a lot of liberal thinking in our learning establishments even in the public schools as well as in college. Look at how they (the liberals) teach various issues such as; slavery in the south, creation vs. evolution and various other issues.

Neil said...

"Look at how they (the liberals) teach various issues such as; slavery in the south, creation vs. evolution and various other issues."

...and just hoe do those evil Liberal's teach on these subjects? I'd like to know.

Flightfire said...

I really don't "hate" Bush per se. I hate what Bush has done to my country. He's like the idiot that everyone has at work. He might be the nicest guy in the entire world, but he's just incompetent and useless and nobody wants to work with him or for him. Outside of work, he might be the coolest guy ever(doubt it). I'd probably go mountain biking with him if given the chance, but there's no way in hell I'd ever trust him to do anything important to me. And the US is very important to me. Hope that clears things up a little.

One is judged by their actions. Clinton might have been a philandering bastard, but he made great policy decisions. Bush is just a failure who makes horrible policy decisions. I'd rather have the former.

If you need a list of all of Bush's screw ups go to Hugh's list (http://www.netrootsmass.net/Hugh/Bush_list.html)
I believe only about half of those, but it's still way too many screw ups. You just can't defend this guy. He'd be fired in an instant from any other job.

Mad Fiddler said...

Over three decades I've been invited to teach at four different universities or colleges --- part time and full time. (Not 'cause I'm any genius, just happen to have some skills that other folks want to learn.)

I've found that there are civil and tolerant people in the academic community, but they are consistently shouted down by activist, radical, intolerant, bigots who style themselves as "Progressives" and "Liberals" without grasping the irony. The truly vicious ones seem to be in the minority, but the prevailing authorities refuse to challenge or, worse, actively support their excesses.

A lot of the present perversity and gutlessness of the academic community can be dated back to the late 1960's. You will recall that in 1968 & 1969 there were several well-publicized incidents of radicals (not just radicalized students, but NON-student outsiders as well) taking over the administrative offices of Cornell, Columbia, and several other universities. News photos published at the time showed these radicals with bandoliers of cartridges, brandishing shotguns, hand guns and high-powered hunting weapons. The University administrators almost without exception caved in and yielded to the absurd demands of the pimple-faced tyrants. Couldn't risk the outcry that would have been raised by parents if a police assault had been used to re-assert lawful control during the take-overs, some of which included hostages held against their will.

One of the things that has developed in recent years is that a lot of people who dismiss all religion and believe that no God exists, have taken to calling themselves "Brights." Check out the URL www.the-brights.net

It takes some supreme smugness to hijack such a judgment-laden term to distinguish themselves from the pathetic losers who think there might be a spiritual basis or component to reality.

I don't claim to know the TRUTH, but I am pretty certain there is no human with a brain so vast as to be able to work out by sheer logic that the Throne of the Architect of all Creation is sitting there with a hand-lettered sign saying "Sorry, guys, but nobody's here..."

Ah, well, the only tool any of us has for sorting things out is our puny lil' brains.

Greybeard said...

Glad you said that!

I know for sure that I DON'T KNOW. It's just that simple.
I see indications of evolution all around me, so I have no problem agreeing that creatures change when it is to their advantage, and over millions and millions of years those changes would be dramatic.
Where I do have a problem is with the Big Bang". I can conceive and understand the B.B., but where did the B.B. material come from to start the evolutionary process?
When someone can answer that question, they'll have my vote.