18 December 2007

Sigh... Just Watch

I try to have a positive outlook, you know that. But sometimes it's mighty hard.
Good friend Terry is in Law Enforcement and sent this:

Binary Explosive, New Terrorist Threat,scary Stuff! - Free videos are just a click away


Neil said...

Ok, no more pens, lighters, camo jackets, watermeleons, or fence posts in airports or on airplanes.

; )

elay said...

i once attended a bomb awareness and recognition seminar and what you post is much like some of the things i learned in there. bombers and terrorists are pretty creative and sneaky. they're really good.

you know in my country, bombings happen every now and then..but every time too, it is never an ordinary event. and even though you know you weren't there or wasn't personally affected, somehow, somewhere it leaves a scar - emotionally or physically on somebody else and that is really dreadful and sad.

John Ruberry said...

It's a scary world.

Detail Medic said...

Um. I don't think I'll be flying anytime soon...

Flightfire said...

I guess this is the really puzzling thing to me about Conservative thought after 9/11. Why are you so frightened of this? The odds of you dying from someone cobbling something together like this are astronomical. You're more likely to get struck by lightning twice on a clear day.

Or as my friends would say: grow some f-ing stones!

Neil said...

You should probably not leave the house at all then. I mean, if you wont fly becuase a guy blew up a watermelon on Youtube, then you shouldnt drive either. I saw a guy blow up a pineapple with a gas bomb on Youtube recently...

Mad Fiddler said...

It's been a very long time since I took chemistry, but I've been reading scores of books on physics, astronomy, weapons, et cetera, for decades.

Meanwhile, I've been paying my bills for 30 years producing animation, video and computer graphics for broadcast, commercials, arcade games, and such. I have a pretty fair knowledge of how to make people perceive as possible events that are carefully manufactured from separate bits that only existed separately until the magic of editing brought them together in a sequence that appears to be an unfolding event.

I look at that match-head size speck of explosive, and I have a very hard time reconciling EVERYTHING I HAVE EVER RESEARCHED ABOUT EXPLOSIVES OF ALL SORTS with the notion that it carries that much energy.

This particular video is excessively suspicious, because
(1) it was clearly edited together from a number of separate shots
(2) none of the components are identified
(3) There is no provenance or identifiable author for the production --- i.e., anyone with a digital video camera and a working copy of Adobe Premiere or Final Cut, a roll of rubber tape, and some food coloring in a syringe, could have put it together.
(4) The watermelon could very easily have been "vaporized" by a shotgun blast from just out of frame, or a much larger explosive charge attached to the far side of the watermelon.
(5) If you examine the frames showing sparks from the explosion, you can see that the sparks appear to have expanded out from about the center of the watermelon, not from either end of the ball point pen.
(6) After the explosion, there are visible tags or strips of clear plastic tape, which may have been simply holding the melon, but are also perfectly positioned for holding a different charge.
(7) A watermelon can be "vaporized" by a .22 caliber bullet. NOTICE THAT THERE IS NO DISCERNIBLE DAMAGE TO THE WOODEN POST.
(3) The Explosion could have been accomplished by some completely other charge attached to the melon, then trimmed away by simply removing the frames showing the larger charge.

I'm not insisting that any of those techniques were used, but that this particular video is an excellent example of one that should not be taken at face value.

I really would like to know more about binary explosives, from a source that provides some explanation of how that much energy can be derived from merely chemical reactions.

Greybeard said...

I certainly hope you are right.
But comments before yours from others that know a little about explosives indicate they have seen similar results from similar chemicals.

Awhile back I did a little research myself and found that by combining two relatively easy to procure chemicals, you could end up with a compound that formed a crystal. The site warned that combining the chemicals above a certain temperature... I can't recall what temperature, (but it was cold), would result in an extremely dangerous explosive that could blow your hand off just by squeezing the crystals. Even when combined at low temperatures the suggestion was to take care with the resulting compound... and this, from combining two chemicals, one of which many of us who have had jobs in the automobile industry have handled routinely.

Again, I hope your observations are correct. But I know we are getting better and better at finding ways to kill one another.