07 December 2007

An Open Letter To NBC

Dear Sirs,

I am aware of your stance against running the ads submitted to you by Freedom Watch.
I have had my fill of your anti-troop, anti-American attitude.
If I could have NBC, CNBC, and MSNBC removed from my list of available channels, I would. Denying my ability to do that, I'll set up a new "favorites list" and omit them there.
Folks, you owe the country an apology!


Don't know what I'm talking about? Go and read about these shameful people HERE!

UPDATED 8 December-
In the face of considerable outrage at their censorship,
NBC retreats!

Further update, 9 Dec-
Nope, no bias at all at NBC!

Tip 'O the hat to Instapundit.

1 comment:

The Old Man said...

Well, buddy, thanks for tipping me to the latest LSM blood-boiler. The internal rot in the LSM (IMHO)started right after Murrow and hit full throttle with Uncle Walt selling us downriver after Tet.

This too, shall pass. There is no LSM stranglehold on news dissemination sources as long as the 'Net is unfettered. Until then, we must fight them on the airwaves, fight them in the blogospere, out-think them as ALWAYS out-class them everywhere.