30 December 2007

Three Dead In Alabama

Breaking news this morning, and it's not good.


Anonymous said...

This is sad. Air Evac certainly has a track record of providing aircraft and crews to assist in Search and Rescue operations in my State. God bless the crews and their families.

majroj said...

Every year folks lose their lives to save others'. Here's to their spirit, and the lessons we learn for the next time.

Helo Pilot said...

Hey Greybeard,

Marie sent me the info she had on this and it is sad. When will they get the Idea and not give these guys a break and let them refuse flights when the wx is bad. (when wx is the case)

elay said...

this is really, really sad. when people go out there to save others and they end up the one sacrificing their lives..

and this one happened on a new year too..so makes me think that for every new year that comes the families left behind by the crew would have to be reminded of this tragic event.