27 December 2007

Terrorist Permutations

Well, the asssassination of Benazir Bhutto is not exactly the way I imagined chaos in Pakistan might unfold more than two years ago, but it's still scary as Hell.
Just keep repeating-
"We are not at war. We are not at war!"


Tumo said...

Hey Mr. Greybeard...First time commentor, soon to be long time reader! Stop after seeing you on Kandy's blog and wow what a great blog! Lots of interesting stuff! and I must admit I like your angle on most of it. Oh, and thanks for your service! My father is a two tour guy of the Veitnam experince as well! So thanks! See ya around the blog circuit!


Greybeard said...

Thank you Tumo.
I've been watching your "Carmen SanDiego" antics at Kandy and Darren's and I enjoy that a lot!

Maybe one day we'll find out if your Dad and I rubbed elbows somewhere in RVN. Hug him and welcome him home for me, will ya?
And thank you too sir for putting yourself in harms way.