31 December 2007

Jay R. Grodner, Attorney at Law

This one takes the cake.

I know Chicago is "Blue", but I also know most folks there are good people... not idiots.
I'm not sure about Jay R. Grodner, Attorney at Law.
Blackfive has the story.
I'd like to use Mr. Grodner's services, and tried to call his business number in downtown Chicago, and in Deerfield, IL.
Surprisingly, both phones have been disconnected!
How's a professional supposed to make any money with no working telephone?!

Need the services of an anti-military Attorney?
Mr. Grodner wants to hear from you too.
You can go to whitepages.com and type in
Jay R. Grodner, Chicago, IL to see what pops up!


M. Simon said...

Your white pages link is bad.

BTW you are up near the top on google's list for this ass hat.

NurseWilliam said...

I have joined the effort to 'out' this schyster for the hateful asshat that he is and posted the story (linked to BlackFive) on my blog.

Let's nail this turkey to the doorpost.


Greybeard said...

Thanks for pointing out the bad link, MS. Fixed now.
Ya know, I think this poor shyster is gonna wake up in the morning and find he has really poked the bear. He may find himself on the National news!

NurseWilliam said...

Greybeard, it's up to everyday people like you and me- people who, in numbers, have one helluva loud voice- to fry up this bird in his own juices.

I love a good turkey shoot.

BTW- I have added you to my link-list of favorite blogs on my site. Thanks for your service. You, sir, are a bona fide hero in my book. I am honored to meet you.

Anonymous said...

i have tried to contact the lawyer as my car was keyed too in the UK. I was hoping he could provide me insight as to WHY my car was keyed and the mentality of coward 'keyers'. Shame his site is down and his telephones off.

Greybeard said...

Nurse William... with a capital NURSE.
Last night my crew was finishing paperwork on the patient we had transported (a 38y.o.male acute M.I.).
While I was waiting, transporters brought an old woman to the room nearest us. This woman was having the worst "code brown" case I have ever experienced. We all gagged. And we gagged. And then we gagged some more.

A NURSE approached the room. We looked at her with sympathy. She pointed to her nose and said "Vicks Vapo-Rub", pulled a mask over her nose, and went into that room to clean up the patient. It had to be just awful.

I'm an average guy... damaged goods like all the rest of us.
Last night that Nurse was my hero.
God Bless you and all those in your profession, sir!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Judge O'Malley...