22 December 2007

Merry Christmas. Try To Stay Alive.

"You're on standby for an MVA at ******.
I have no further information for you at this time."

A few moments later the phone rings again...
"Your flight is a go, but they now want you to meet them at the hospital there."
That means our ETA is too long for their conditions and they want help with their patient sooner than we can arrive.

We take off on the 19 minute flight. From dispatch-
"I still have no information on your patient."
This ground crew obviously has their hands full.

We arrive at the hospital and my crew makes their way to the ER.
As routine, I shut the engines down, secure the aircraft, and make my way to the ER to assist in whatever way I can. The door to the trauma room is closed. Outside the door in a wheelchair sits a late-20ish woman with two women in scrubs providing moral support. The woman is obviously emotionally distraught.
The trauma room door opens and I hear what sounds like the heart monitor they hooked up to Sara Jean when Big Bubba was about to be born. It is really loud, but since I don't hear a discernible heartbeat I question what I'm hearing.

I recognize the Doctor coming out the door and nod to him. He makes his way to the woman in the wheelchair and says, "We're still doing CPR on him, and I'll continue to do whatever I can to help him."

Family arrives...
It's the woman in the wheelchair's Mom and Dad. Dad is carrying a pumpkin-seed carrier containing a few-months old baby. The woman takes the baby from the pumpkin seed and holds it to her chest, sobbing.

My crew comes out of the room, looks at me and shakes their head. We won't be transporting.

He was 27 years old, helmetless, riding his ATV on the highway. Crossing the centerline and hitting a pickup truck head-on under these conditions is not conducive to good health.

Less than a week before Christmas, he has left behind a widow and a baby that will have absolutely no recollection of him... a tragedy at anytime... a particular tragedy when his death will be associated with a time that should bring joy and happiness.

My "Pitchpull" reading friends...
Please use good sense:
-Helmets on two/four wheelers.
-Stay out from behind the wheel after alcohol consumption.

I'm working three of the next five days. I don't want you horizontal in the back of my BK117!

Be safe everyone.



I know you won't be seeing me in the back end of your BK, and I hope you don't have anyone else back there, either, especially during the holidays.

Thanks for lookin' out for us, GB. Be safe.

Anonymous said...

Lead,this is Slick!! Hope your missions are few. Merry Christmas From the crew of the warlord 840 past.

Greybeard said...

Slick, this is Lead...
Merry Christmas to you my Brother.
Hug that beautiful wife and toss a treat to whatever feline friend happens to be under your roof in either house, or shed.
I've thought of you often in the last few months...
I think I'm due some good food and conversation at Sal's!

majroj said...

Graybeard, I'll try!
I'm asking around for advice to impart to Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) members about interacting with helos (improvising/marking helispots or LZ's and saftey as PAX, mostly). Any tips or war stories?
Thanks for the interesting blog, I linked to it via this:


(PS: any experience with Neb. Army Guard MEDEVAC, or 129th ARW out of Moffett Field?).

Greybeard said...

I've responded to you via email in hopes of doin' whatever I can to help.
I'm looking forward to working with you.
There's another EMS Helo pilot close at hand...
In my blogroll, the link for "Helicopter and Jet Pilots" will take you to Kandy and Darren's blog. Drop by there and get her input also!