12 May 2005

Rush Limbaugh

I still listen to Rush now and then, but my listening attitude has changed.

I may have been one of the first to catch his show, (1985?) when he went National. In those days there was no other way to hear "the other side" of an issue, so I listened avidly!

I always imagined him with a sly grin as he made some outlandish statement, tongue firmly planted in cheek!

Then he started his TV show, and I could see he wasn't kidding. He seemed so full of himself, I was uncomfortable watching. Ratings quickly fell, and the TV show didn't last long.

Rush is so conservative, I sometimes think he'd like to do away with the Federal Government completely.

I have difficulty with the question, "Are you a Republican or a Democrat?" I can't identify with either party strongly. I think I more often agree with the Libertarians, but there are things about them that trouble me too.

I generally agree with the Libertarians that when the subject is Government, less is better.

But there are things private industry doesn't do well: Defense, Police, Fire, Courts......and more.

Like controlling pollution.
In June of 1969 the Cuyahoga river flowing through Cleveland, Ohio, caught fire and burned for 20 minutes before being controlled.

That's right......a river caught fire!

Check it out:

Hard to believe today. But that shows what progress we have made. And the progress was made through sensible regulation by government agencies at several levels.

Eminent Domain problems have been in the news a great deal lately. Proper use of public or common property can also be contentious. Both are areas, in my opinion, where government tends to overstep.

But private industry is terrible at self-policing.
Controlling pollution costs money.

"Big Brother" sometimes needs to be there to insure they don't make the rest of us sick!

Somebody tell Rush!

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Denise Cave said...

Rush still makes me laugh. I switch back and forth between him and O'Reilly over a two hour period, then to Rush and on to Hannity once Dr. Laura comes on. Personally, I think O'Reilly is COMPLETELY full of himself - and I believe Rush makes his outrageous statements just to rile up the "other side".
On Imminent Domain - we have a situtation in the DFW metroplex with the Cowboys building a new stadium and residents are being forced to give up their homes (for a price) because the stadium will be bigger than originally thought, and oh my gosh, it cannot be at the site voters were told it would be. All this based on Imminent Domain - which I thought was for the good of the many, and not the enrichment of the few. Maybe the city of Dallas was not so foolish to turn the Cowboys down after all.