09 May 2005

My Little Handwasher.....

Our son was four. Like all four year olds, he was testing his boundaries, wanting to be as independent as he could........."I can do it!"

We were eating in a local restaurant. He needed to go to the bathroom, and he wanted to go by himself. The door to the Men's room was in plain sight, so after insuring there was no one in there, we saw no harm.

He marched in, chest puffed out......quite the little man! He had been taught to wash his hands thoroughly whenever he went to the bathroom, so I fully expected him to conduct his "business" and then call for help to wash his hands afterwards.....he wasn't tall enough to reach the faucets!

The door opens, and out struts our little peacock.........with wet hands.

Okay, you're gettin' ahead of me again, aren't you?!

"Did you wash your hands?"
"How did you wash your hands?"
And he gave me exactly the answer you are thinking of!

So.......we immediately went back into the bathroom, this time for a VERY thorough re-washing of tiny hands!

Yeah, he tried, so he got an "E" for effort!

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