03 May 2005

7 Days

Today is the one week anniversary of "Pitchpull". (Cue the confetti blizzard, balloons, flashing lights, bells, whistles, and sirens!)

A few thoughts on this first week.......

You can see I have garnered a few comments. That's comforting. Someone is reading. This can be a lot of work if nobody is paying attention! I'm pleased and cautioned by the fact that there are other aviation people coming to the site. It makes ya try doubly hard to make sure you don't say something ignorant that causes one of them to correct, (and embarrass) you in the comments section. It'll happen, and when it does, I'll learn from it, and leave the comment for all to see my mistake, warts and all!

I'm spending more time editing than I thought I would. Fingers can't move as fast as the mind would like, so I make lots of mistakes in grammar, punctuation, and redundancy. I find it best to write, edit, edit again, and once again. After several readings, the words start to lose their meaning, so it's best to walk away and leave the post "as draft", then return to it hours later when you can almost read it as if the words are someone else's. Then I "preview" and edit for appearance. I'm learning with every post.

Email about the blog from family and friends has been heartening. Thank you all. I'll try to entertain, and tickle your curiosity!


Anonymous said...

What about the champagne??? You can't have a celebration without champagne, no matter what Stoner says!

Anonymous said...

It's worse when a lot of people read what you write and talk about it behind your back. Trust me, I know. My blogs have gotten me into more trouble than anything else I've ever written!