11 May 2005

Breaking News.....

As I write this, I'm watching people run from the Capitol building. An evacuation order was issued to clear the White House and the Capitol.

This brings to mind something I have wondered since 11Sep01:

Do we learn nothing from history?

On 7Dec41, attackers were able to temporarily incapacitate the U.S. Navy because most of our battleship fleet was lined up in Pearl Harbor. They were disappointed to find our Aircraft Carriers weren't also there.

We made it easy for them......

On 8Dec41, most of our aircraft in Manila, Philippines, were lined up in pretty little rows and destroyed by the Japanese.

"Thank you sir, may I have another?"

Should our entire Federal Government system be located in Washington, D.C.?
If our worst fears are realized and some terrorist gets his hands on one of those 70 or so missing Russian "suitcase" nukes, we will have no one to blame but ourselves if they are able to wipe out the entire U.S. Government with the push of one button!

So I open this site to recommendations for relocating our Government. Let me start things off:

Put the new White House in Omaha, Nebraska!

Now, where do we locate the Senate, House, and Supreme Court?

The comments section is open for your suggestions!

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k said...

Now why on earth would you spread out the attacks? I mean, if you're talking about ensuring universities are spread out, sure. Hospitals being scattered, yes. Farms not centrally located, right on. Except that DC is a hub for science and culture, wouldn't it be better to lose one (albeit large) city than many?