03 May 2005

Root Beer Overdose

I'm in paradise. My balcony overlooks the ocean. Beaches are snow white. The water is milky green in some places, medium green in others, and dark green where vegetation grows beneath the surface. The colors constantly change with the Westward movement of the sun. Dolphins sometimes play in my "front yard".

In some places they use what we Northerners would call "snow fences" to control the blowing sand. My senses play a game with my brain.......shouldn't it be cold? It was 82 cloudless degrees yesterday.

Rewind 44 years. I took a summer job at a Root Beer stand. One of the perks of the job was that the root beer was free! Wow! I liked Root Beer!
But you're getting ahead of me here, aren't you? It probably took less than a month to tire of Root Beer, even at the cost! After all this time, I still don't like it as much as I did before taking that job.

When Sara Jean and I drive here, we look forward to turning onto the beach highway. At that point we begin to get views of the water. It takes our breath away and makes the long drive getting here worth every second!

We have dreamed of buying property here. I'm afraid if we move here full time, we'll lose that feeling of how wonderful this view is! I don't want this to become "free" Root Beer!

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