27 June 2023


The video below is about a couple dealing with dementia. Husband Jason is a medically retired Air Force Officer who was involved in an IED incident. His brain injury MAY be part of why he is now experiencing symptoms of dementia. Until recently it was thought his memory problems were caused by "Lewy Body" dementia, the same disease we now think is affecting Sara Jean.
But tests now are casting doubt on Jason's Lewy Body diagnosis so he and wife Leslie, (a Registered Nurse now retired so she can devote 24/7 attention to Jason) are trying to figure out what Jason's problem really is.
In the video you get a solid feeling for the frustrations Leslie feels dealing with the disease. 'Til recently, anytime Leslie turned on the camera Jason "turned on the charm" to appear funny and normal. They call it "Showtime".
...Not so much in this video.

Leslie talks about her loneliness because she's losing her lifetime partner. This, so far, is NOT my problem with Sara Jean. She has always been a "talker". And when I am home she has always wanted to be in the same space I occupy.
Leslie talks about every dementia case being different, so I'm left to wonder how my/our lives will unfold as Sara Jean's disease progresses.

Yesterday morning I filled both our coffee cups, handed hers to her, and sat down to watch the morning news. Five minutes later she asked, "Do you need coffee?" Then realizing her memory has failed her she's embarrassed.
I fear she'll no longer be embarrassed soon.

Pray for us and ALL suffering from the different forms of this disease, please.



Well Seasoned Fool said...

Are "Golden Years" are, too often, far harder than our prime years.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Our. Proofread, WSF.

Greybeard said...

Another instance where "spellcheck" is useless old friend.
No harm. No foul.

glasslass said...

Hubby had alzheimer's and five years after his death a close friend brought me a Power of Attorney as he had been diagnosed with alzheimer's and only had 1 relative in another state. He knows me still but while he keeps himself fed and pays his bills he recently lost 2 cars. Police were called and they found the cars. He had walked all over town looking but walk right by both. At this point I need to get him a conservator. There are groups for people that are the helpers. While Lewy's is a diagnose there are things coming that you won't expect. Hubby refused to shower, he also quit eating so I went to on line groups. Turns out they become afraid of water hitting them so I got a removable shower head and I washed him. His food needed to be served on colored plates or bowls. Wandering became an issue. Please reach out to people who are also in your position or who have gone thru this. Both on line and groups in your area. Prayers for both of you.

Greybeard said...

As WSF indicates, ain't this gettin' old FUN?
Planning for YEARS about this stage of our life, this WAS NOT part of my plan.
She has spoiled me for all the years we've been together... thick and thin.
It's my time to repay her.

LP in MT said...

My mother had Lewey body dementia. I was not her primary caregiver - I lived across the country from her - but I spent as much time as possible with her during the years of her decline. The hardest part was not being able to have a conversation with her. Between her loss of hearing and loss of words, we spent most of our time together just sitting.

Keeping you and yours in prayers as you work with this most devastating illness.

Ed Bonderenka said...

My best friend went through this and is peacefully with Jesus now.
My brother and his wife took in her dad.
Both similar behavior patterns as it progressed.
My prayers for you and your wife.

Joe said...

Dementia is the cruelest of diseases

Old NFO said...

That hurts to watch, and it IS a cruel disease in any form. Prayers for all.

Rain Trueax said...

That is so hard and I haven't had it near me but have friends who have. I think the worst disease is ALS, which our best friend had and died from. We don't do anything to bring these things on us at least that we know of and it could hit any of us.