04 June 2023

Just Visiting?

We ate a free breakfast this morning in the La Quinta Inn in Miramar Beach, Florida, after a week's stay here. Our stay here has been "as usual" for June...
Great weather. One of the most beautiful beaches in the world. HORRIBLE traffic, because Destin is no longer a "best kept secret". Road construction in several areas cannot keep up with the number of people coming here to stay.
This hotel is full.
No one eating breakfast with us is speaking English.

Me: "When we were in Greece I wonder how the Greeks felt about all the folks there speaking English?"
She: "We weren't there to STAY."

Another brilliant insight from my better half.


Old NFO said...

She does have a point... sigh

Jess said...

Beautiful beaches, access by tourists, and a willing entrepreneur, can destroy locations; especially when hurricanes clear the less stable structures every few years. Best kept secrets turn into places where only the largest amounts of money allow access to uncrowded beaches, unless you're willing to visit when the harshest of winter weather arrives.

The first time I saw the beach in Destin, which was decades ago, I was amazed at the white sand, emerald water, and general beauty of that section of the Florida coast. The last time I drove through there, it was apparent it was - in my opinion - ruined.