06 June 2023


I just want to be up front... right here... right now-
I THANK GOD for California, New York, and right here in Illinois... Chicago for being "Sanctuaries".
While our country tries to figure out if it wants to be a "Sovereign", those sanctuaries are taking it in the third point of contact.
(And maybe you have to be military... maybe even ARMY to understand that reference. Look it up.)

Damn I'm glad I live downstate in "MAGA" country!


Old NFO said...

Amen to that!!!

Anonymous said...

With 5 states and over 500 cities that call themself "sanctuary cities" all border states could just pick a destination and send a busload. Keep it rotating. Your here illegally and bingo presto we get to send you where we want, not you. Too bad, so sad. Bye-Bye.