18 January 2012

Who Owns It?

It's an interesting day on the innertubez.
Wikipedia is unavailable.

Google is up, but management there is expressing its displeasure with government tampering by covering their logo with a black band.
I wish this was a "black and white" issue. It's not. I can see truth in both sides of the argument.
But for me, FREEDOM always comes first.

I just tried to go read a couple favorite blogs and find they are also down.
If I owned those blogs I'd be angry and frustrated, and I'd be inquiring about my 1st amendment rights.

Obviously, that's not a problem here.
Thank you "BLOGGER!"


Greybeard said...

The blog in question was on "Wordpress". When I first tried going there this A.M. I got a page that read "This page is unavailable today". Two hours later and the blog is back.
Did they change their mind?
Good for them.

jinksto said...

I'd suspect that Wordpress.com came to their senses when users complained about them blocking personal content for a corporate goal.

Timothy Frazier said...

I purposely redirected first time visits of the day to a SOPA PIPA protest site using a handy Wordpress plugin with the option for visitors to "click through" to my sites (bettertoysthanbatman and 4fraziers) after seeing the protest page.

I don't think WordPress.com did anything to force any of it's users to do so, but I host my own WordPress installations, so I have no way of verifying that.