25 January 2012

January 25, SR-71

I don't remember the incident.
Perhaps it was because I simply wasn't paying attention.
Or maybe it slipped by unnoticed in all my birthday celebrating. But until recently I was unaware we had ever lost one of
these fabulous machines.
Ejecting at mach 3.8?
More here.

I prefer to think of them in
"faster than a speeding bullet" mode.

Forty-six years later we still appreciate your sacrifice, Jim Zwayer.
Rest in peace.


CnC said...

Love that aircraft they still look like something out of Star Wars to me. I've seen them in a museum a couple of times and it's hard to believe of long ago they were built.

Old NFO said...

One of my relatives flew them and I'd heard about that crash from him. You can only admire those guys for going up in that bird and pushing the envelope out like they did, sadly THIS was the result of one of them...

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

I find two particular aircraft of remarkable interest:

1. SR71 HABU, because of the INCREDIBLE amount of technology in an aircraft created by geeks with SLIDE RULES, and

2. B-52, because it is an aircraft still flying today from a design dating back to its original contract let in 1946, to its first tandem iteration in 1948.

Absolutely astounding, stemming from completely analog technology.