13 January 2012

Peeing In A Cup

Born January 1947... 65 this year.
My flight physical is scheduled today at 1800 hours.
Until recently I didn't worry about visiting my friend (and former student) Dr. Rich.
But last year I finally broke down, put the cheater/reading glasses away, and popped for a real pair of bifocals. (The improvement in my seeing was considerable, particularly chart-reading at night.)
What's that? My hearing? Were you asking about my hearing?
Forty-four years of being exposed to one of the noisiest environments known to man...
But if you WERE asking, thanks for your concern.

My blood pressure last time around was 110/70. My weight is up since last year, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed those numbers will increase only slightly.

Diabetes runs in my family.
On both sides.
And my diet and exercise program lately has gone the way of Barack Obama's economy.
Peeing in the cup is always a concern.

But I look around me at peers and realize the blessings of health I have had to this point, and know that if I fail this physical I won't be able to complain...
I've had a great run.
But I don't know what I'd do if I had to grow up and actually start working at a JOB.


ddf said...

At this age, many of us share the same concerns. The human machine fails. So it is not if but when. Things go bad if the airplane sits on the ramp too long, I should expect the same for me sitting at this computer.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

One of the reasons I got out of aviation; putting your livelihood on the line twice a years in a doctor's office. Bet there are very few pilots your age (assuming you need a 1st class) gainfully employed.

Ed Bonderenka said...

I also am blessed to have a job I enjoy.
If it's not boating weather, I don't mind staying late to finish a project.
And my boss has figured it out.
But he's good about it.
He's not threatening to send me home.

the golden horse said...

I wish you the very best results on your tests. Just be very happy you don't have to stand the pain of the ole mammogram. Now that's a fun one. Not.

The Old Man said...

Amigo, sooner or later Father Time is going to pull your med certificate whether you like it or not. You bloody well seem to have come to terms with it very gracefully and maturely.

Now who are you and what did you do with my buddy Greybeard?