06 January 2012

I Now Believe in Global Warming.

Temps were in the mid-sixties yesterday, and again today.
Normal highs in these parts are mid-forties.
I took advantage of the weather and rode the Pizza Bike to work last night, even though I had to arrive at my workplace 90 minutes early in order to avoid riding in the dark.

It was worth it. It felt like Spring and was invigorating. (Going home this morning was a little "nipply"!)

The Winter has been unbelievably mild so far in our part of the world. Yesterday's high temp actually was a record breaker. Today's high came within four degrees or so of being another record high.
Maybe the climate is getting warmer. But you still cannot convince me man is the cause.

When we start breaking record highs on a daily basis, then maybe I'll consider all this shouting and spittle-spreading "settled science".

John B., where are you?
When the "spitters" were caught trying to fudge the data, you kinda fell off the earth, pal!


Old NFO said...

I dunno, it's colder'n hell over here in Japan right now, just about where it's supposed to be... And concur, until we're breaking temp records every day, I can't swallow global warming...

Scotty said...

Been freezing here in Florida too!! Go figure!

But then I remember back from my earlier years, we were all going to freeze to death! I wish they'd make up their minds! ;)

When I moved to Florida, almost 13 years ago, I hung my snow brush/ice scraper on the wall in the garage. It hangs there still, to remind me of just how bad it CAN get!

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Colorado Rockies had record snowfall last year. Very little this year. Seems like the usual weather pattern.

One "scientist" says Mount St Helens put more crud into the atmosphere than a hundred years of human activities. Another "scientist" says no, volcanoes don't put a lot of pollutants into the atmosphere.

I tend to believe the ones that don't follow up with dollars signs needed to expand their conclusions.

Beau's Mom said...

We moved out of Indiana to avoid more ice storms breaking our wires and Joe running the generator until the linemen got to our house....at the end of the line.

And once the Wyzards were gone, the weather warmed up and Indiana is now growing palm trees.

Timothy Frazier said...

Okay, make up your mind, BlogFriend! In the prior post you were pointing out troubles with aircraft icing...which is it?

(Just exaggerating the non-existant contradiction for fun)

Meanwhile I'm in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area seeing nightly lows of 26 degrees. And last year around this time we had a record eight straight days of below freezing daily highs.

Since we can't trust the stats provided by the so-called scientific community who have been frequently caught cooking (or shall we shall say "warming") the books I just have to rely on personal experience at my locality. It tells me Texas weather is the same as it's always been: consistently erratic and unpredictable.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Not that cold at all in the Sierra Nevada Mountains; hell, it's been colder in Sacramento on some mornings.

Waiting for rain and snow. Supposed to get rain starting Wednesday of next week. Moreoever, we really need to build a snowpack at the summits.