29 January 2011

Tunisia. Egypt. Jordan.

Like many of you I've watched with anxiety and interest as events unfold halfway around the world. How will things turn out there?
Who knows? (Our "smart diplomacy" folks in our State Department appear clueless.)

One thing is reasonably sure-
The price of oil next week is gonna be interesting to watch. Oil price increases mean increased transportation costs of ALL goods. Your beans and potatoes will soon cost more too.

I've been surprised lately at the price of precious metals...
After topping $31.00 an ounce a couple weeks ago the price of Silver has retreated, as has it's upper-crust brother Gold.
It'll be interesting to watch over the next weeks to see if we all should have taken a second mortgage on our house to buy precious metals during this retreat.

If you're interested, you can follow the price of commodities with me here.


The Old Man Himself said...

Greybeard . . Egypt is a strange and exotic nation with lots of people who have been mis-governed for a very long time and have finally said enough already. Our ally Mr. Mubarack is not a meek and gentle nice guy. He's more like Saddam H. in a better suit. I noticed that he is being supported by the Saudi's. Hmmm. That can't be all good. Bump

Red Shoes said...

Buying gold and silver at all time high prices sounded dumb to me. Yet, many of the talk show mavens hawk it. Gold is a crisis metal... it only soars in price when there is chaos in the world.

All of this mess will pass someday, and gold will drop back to it's lower levels. And we will be glad we didn't buy gold at today's prices.