25 January 2011

As Young As I'll Ever Be

If you're lucky enough not to die unexpectedly you may, like me, find your hearing and vision slowly headed South. I just got my first pair glasses that I'll wear sort of semi-permanently because I see better with 'em than without 'em.
My hearing? Did you ask about my hearing?
It's a joke. My wife makes fun of me in front of friends by standing behind me, talking to them in a pitch that is totally inaudible to me.
I don't mind. It's one of the hazards of an occupation that has not been "work" for me. A disability I knew would eventually catch up with me if I continued to do the job...

A job that I still love. A job that provides me with the satisfaction of knowing for almost 25 years now I have had a positive effect on many, many lives.
And another thing about my hearing...
Many peers who, like me, have been aviating 43 years are almost completely deaf.
Thanks to little yellow pieces of foam, I'm not deaf.
I can still hear the BK117 coming at least 5 seconds before Sara Jean can.

So you won't hear me complaining.
I still love my work.
Much to my surprise, I've been with the same woman over 30 years now and I'm still dumbfounded at how beautiful she is.
My friends put up with me in spite of my tendency to express strong opinions in a voice so loud my wife has to shush me.
And many of them are so loyal it brings out the John Boehner in me if I think about it hard enough.

Yes, I am blessed.

Mom, how's it feel to have a 64 year old son?


flynhigh in Sugar Land said...

"I've been with the same women over 30 years now..."
Is that a Freudian slip or just a mispelling of "woman"?

On a Wing and a Whim said...

Happy Birthday! Hope the next trip round the sun on this rocky ball is even more fun than the last one!

Greybeard said...

Good catch flynhigh!

cj said...

GB -

They say you're only as old as you feel, right? Well, with a job you love and a woman you love even more, you're gonna be around for a long time to come.

Happy birthday, sir.


Old NFO said...

Congrats on ALL counts GB, and yeah, Aviator's Loop loss is just SUCH fun isn't it....

TwoDogs said...

Happy Birthday GB

cary said...

Happy Birthday, you old dog!

Many, many more, and God's blessings on every one of 'em!

Terry said...

Again Happy Birthday.
That thing about hearing, we call it selective hearing. We all hear just fine.

The best my friend.

Brighid said...

Happy Birthday, and congrats on a long, happy marriage as well.