27 January 2011

Controlled (?) Crash

{Deep sigh}.
Well, a guy could hope.
But hope don't pay the bills.

I teach people to fly.
Turning someone loose to go solo in a helicopter for the first time is an anxious, exhilarating time for both student and instructor. For the instructor it's a chance to see you've done your job well, (or at least you HOPE you have!) For the student, it's an OMG! moment...
The little R22 weighs only 1300 pounds full of fuel with two aboard, and unloading 200 pounds from the left side of the aircraft changes the feel of the machine pretty dramatically. And now the student has to fly that foreign feeling machine, knowing if anything goes wrong he'll have to resolve problems without the aid of an expert in the left seat.
By the time I kick 'em outta the nest I have normally emphasized to my student one of "Greybeard's pieces of wisdom" several times...
"If you crash this son-of-a-bitch, fly it until the wreckage comes to a

The reasoning should be obvious.
It's better to crash with some control than to turn things loose and be along for the ride.

And that's how I now feel about what's going to happen to our country... to our economy.
I hoped it would be obvious to everyone at the controls of this enormous system that we were probably gonna have to crash, and that it would be better to have some control over that crash than to be along for the ride.
But it's obvious we are now gonna push the throttle full forward to see how thoroughly we can destroy this sucker. Some "experts" are still saying we haven't spent enough to bring us out of our doldrums.
Others are gonna kick and scream about mistreating Senior citizens or kids in school or some other "touchy-feely" thing to try to guilt those of us seeing the approaching disaster.

Once again I hope I'm wrong.
I hope it soon becomes obvious a crash under control would be FAR better than having things spiral hopelessly out of control.
Medicare, Social Security, Defense...
We're gonna have to feel some pain in all areas to minimize the damage.
Do our "leaders" have the discipline to fly the S.O.B. until the various parts come to a halt?

I really doubt it.


C&C said...

G.B. I believe thier intention is to crash this S.O.B. with just enough control to remake our system in thier image, i.e. some sort of socialist type economy. they are the ones who preach "never let a good crisis go to waste" or words to that effect.

jinksto said...

Flying AND politics in a single post. Nicely done! My wife (who also reads here) thought it was cool enough to read the article too me while I was getting ready for work this morning. Nicely done. Thanks for sharing.

Old NFO said...

GB, yeah, just enough speed to get TO the crash... except, they are speeding up. All the touchy-feely is going to be the real issue in the media, not the $$ they are throwing down the sewer...

cary said...

I refuse to lock my seat tray in it's stowed position.

I refuse to just raise my seat to it's upright and locked position.

I refuse to place my head between my knees and wait for the impact.

I refuse to stand by and just let this hijacker fly this stately ship onto the nearest sandbar of fiscal doom.

Let's roll.