05 January 2011

Just A Thought-

Two days ago I was listening to Mark Steyn, filling in for Rush Limbaugh on his show.
A caller challenged Mark, who was calling the (CFL) bulbs "Curly-Fry Lightbulbs" to quit making them sound cute...
He suggested the moniker "MFL's" or "Mercury Filled Lightbulbs".
I like that.

Glen Beck had a bit on his show demonstrating what you are supposed to do if you drop and break one of the stupid things.
"Call your local authorities for a community hazardous-waste collection point"!?

I wonder what would happen if I cover a cookie sheet with MFL's and walk the halls of congress with them...
Think "Security" would consider me a threat?
Give me back my incandescent bulbs!

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Crown-n-coke said...

When I'm repairing a furnace or ref. or trying to work on my Jimmy, I have to use an incandescent light. I can't see very well with fluorescent lights it's even worse trying to use a LED flashlight. When Big Brother tries to take me incandescent bulbs from me they can pry it from my cold dead hands, or maybe I will go to manards and buy several boxes of all the different types, styles and wattages that I will need for the next several years until we get some adult supervision in the Senate and the Whitehouse.