04 August 2010

For Those With Bad Memories-

How did it happen?
Four (of our own!) airplanes were used as guided missiles against us.
3,000 innocents died a horrible death.

Because we weren't paying attention.
We allowed our enemy to take sanctuary in Afghanistan. They set up training bases and plotted against us there, knowing they need not fear we'd attack them.
There is now a rising tone of opposition to our mission in Afghanistan...
"It's Obama's Viet Nam."
Yeah, if we don't learn from the history of Viet Nam, it very well could be.

Go to the center of the "V" of the black granite memorial wall in Washington, D.C. and face it.
Many of the 29,000 names to the right of that cleft are there because our media failed us...
"Peaceniks" got the spotlight and we lost confidence that we were doing the right thing.

Was Viet Nam mishandled?
Of course. Robert McNamara, President Johnson, and other politicians tied the hands of our military leaders.

Will we learn from history?
Will we allow our military to do its job?
Only if those of us who actually remember why we failed in Viet Nam speak up.

And if we withdraw from Afghanistan?
If the Taliban once again control that country...
How long before we have to return and lose EVEN MORE of our warriors?

What was the phrase Democrats were using before the election?
"Smart Power!"

I like that...
Let's actually use "Smart Power"!


camerapilot said...

Someone in our family, a cherished one who makes us laugh and feel good who has his demons for breakfast lunch and dinner spent 18 years as a SEAL. Afghanistan was his last mission. Positioned in an ancient fort he found a tunic button from a Russian uniform. With his boot he scraped deeper into the dust and found another object, a spent shell from a Henry Martini rifle, a rifle used by the British during the eighteen hundreds. That's when he realized that his presents was going to leave yet another layer in that dust.

The Old Man said...

Smart power, my butt. Lib-ruls wouldn't recognize smart if it bit 'em on the ass.... ROEs should be written by somebody who has a CIB, not an MBA.

Ass pirates...