12 August 2010

Bought It!

...The sexy Italian!

A relative who is also a lurker here emailed, (paraphrasing):
"You! Of all people! ARE YOU CRAZY?"
And the answer is, "Yes, a little, I suppose."

While I was in Viet Nam I had a friend who was an engineering Grad from M.I.T..
When I asked him why he joined the ARMY and went to flight school he replied,
"I wanted to be here, with the guys."
At the time I was incredulous...
Why would anyone WANT to fly a large, slow-moving target in a live-fire exercise?
The passage of time has cleared my head some, so I understand now. I'm proud of my service and glad for the experiences I had with "the guys". Over beers, after a mission, we often talked about how "alive" we felt doing that job.
Draft dodgers and those who couldn't pass the physical were back home doin' the routine stuff while we were "living".

My line of work exposes me to folks getting hurt or dying from all sorts of strange things. Motorcycle accidents happen to be one of 'em.
Bein' around horses or other large animals is another, as is a lot of farmwork.
My point is, you have a decision to make-
You can be cautious and grow old, then look back at your life through cataract-dulled eyes and say, "Boy, I wish I had (fill in your dangerous experience here)."
Or you can get out while you're healthy and actually live, then smile when you and your "old" friends talk about your shared memories over beers.

Heck, I fly helicopters.
Motorcycles are like rockin' chairs.


Timothy Frazier said...

That's a beauty and a classic. Keep the shiny side up...you know the best air ambulance pilot in the area won't be available to transport you if you fall down and go boom because he will have just crashed his Guzzi! ;o)

Radio Patriot said...

Cue the music:



cj said...

Congrats! It's beautiful...

But, be careful You know how those things are.


jinksto said...

Fantastic choice!

Congratulations. The missus will enjoy that a LOT more than the crotch rocket.


"Get busy livin'... or get busy dyin'.

Have fun and be safe.

the golden horse said...

Glad the decision has been made. I was pulling for that one for the simple reason, I liked the title you gave it.
What woman wouldn't want to ride on a Sexy Italian??
OMG, did I just say that?

camerapilot said...

You should be riding instead of reading this.
Good on ya.

Anonymous said...

Clint is proud....you have saddle bags for your rain suit if you get caught on the way or back from work! He's always lookin' out for ya kid. Of course, you do have a rain suit? We'll tell Clint that you do.

That bike is a beauty; you did good.


Greybeard said...

Helmets, jackets, raingear, gloves...
All on the agenda Bo.
You and Clint ready to share a Poker run with us?

the golden horse said...

Don't forget the chapstick. And keep the mouth closed.
My better half thought it was an excellant choice.

cary said...

Nice bike!

Have fun, my friend - but be careful!

Cissy Apple said...

You've got to post a photo of YOU and Sara Jean on that thing! But where are you going to put the two kids?

Greybeard said...

When we get our full-face helmets I'll do just that, Cissy! (Mr. and Mrs. Darth Vader on their "Battlestar Galactica"!

And the furkids? Gosh, I hadn't thought of that. Might have to buy a couple of those Papoose-style carriers for them, 'cause I know they'd both enjoy the ride!
Got a better suggestion?