02 August 2010


I came to a halt at the four-way stop. The car across from me proceeded, then I made a right turn. I guess the guy to my left thought he should be next, because when I checked my rear-view mirror he was so close I couldn't see his front bumper.
He honked his horn, loud and long. When I looked at my mirror again he was giving me the Bozama salute with both hands, sitting there next to his significant other.
I slammed on my brakes and luckily he had pretty good reflexes... he avoided rear-ending me.
I put the car in park and stepped out to see if there was some way I could help the guy.
He jerked his Kia Rio into reverse and did the fastest U-Turn I've seen since "The Dukes of Hazzard" left TV.
Were I a nasty person I'd have taken down his tag number and paid him a visit later.

It's a good indicator of where we are in this nation at this moment, isn't it?
...All anger and demonstration.
No balls.



Today it's a semi-dangerous thing to do, but I understand why you did it.

Years ago I did the same thing, with one exception: I hit the truck release prior to getting out of the car--with a friend--and the car behind did the same thing--fled the scene of his ignorance.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

There is so much to say and infer about this, I don't know where to begin. A guy in his 60s, like me, scaring the guy off who was RUDE and WRONG in the first place?

Seems to me he KNEW that. Hence the reaction.


Rita said...

We had a similar incident only with a slight twist.

Years ago we were turning left with a green arrow onto an entrance ramp of an interstat and a big semi facing us was turning right, with clearly a red light.

We were not gunning the light to beat his lack of the right of way, we clearly had the right of way and he clearly decided to try beat us on the entrance ramp, which was impossible to do in a semi.

So HE got the double salute from both of us and a horn. He apparently didn't appreciate that.

So, he STOPS on an entrance ramp. He didn't immediately get out of his rig, but fumbled around in the cab, making us fairly certain that he was going for a weapon.

When he got out of the cab, Bob backed up until the idiot realized he wasn't going to get near our car.

In the meantime, everyone behind us was now dangerously backed up on an interstate entrance ramp.

He got back in his cab, slowly, slowly, slowly and dangerously then proceded on the interstate jeopardizing all of the traffic going the legal 70 mph.

Once it was safe, we joined the other cars on the interstate, took down his company number and his truck number.

I called that week, reported the date, time location and truck number to the safety number of the company. I was honest, told her we flipped the bird to the failure to yield rightaway driver. She was not happy to hear that their driver exited his truck and headed back our way.

I wish I could tell you I would have had more patience, but tailgaiters and people like this infuriate my sense of justice.

The driver was lucky I wasn't behind the wheel. It might not have been the wisest move, but I would have gunned the car and watched that idiot run like a mad man. I would have had enough room to keep some good speed going and still would have had room to swerve to keep from hitting him. But I bet the psyho would have had to clean his drawers.

Yes, I continue to work on my road rage, it is much better. Honestly.

I would never get out of my car, I know I'm too wimpy to win a fight, so I'll use the only "equalizer" I have, my car, to scare the idiots.

Crown-n-coke said...

Rita Judging from the ride down to Loogootee last weekend, you have some more work to do :-)

Rita said...

CnC, that's pretty funny considering Bob drove us down there and back.

cj said...

Ummm... folks....

Dangerous stuff.

Road rage kills people.

Not that you were experiencing road rage, DAR, but how the F did you know he didn't have a gun?


Crown-n-coke said...

ok we were going somewhere recently and you were doing that! I just can't remember where, "sigh"

Anonymous said...

OH MY GOSH....this is like riding with Clint. Sometimes I'm under the dashboard praying.

YOU WERE RIGHT GB, just be careful and take deep breaths.

From the curly haired girl.

Greybeard said...

The guy was driving a Kia Rio...
How's he gonna afford a gun?

You and TWD make the point that this is/was a dangerous thing to do, and of course you're both spot on. But I AM trying to be as non-threatening when I get out of the car as possible, and on two previous occasions I have actually had this conversation with the guy behind me...
"Now, here you are, trapped behind my car in the lane in front of you. You were in SUCH A HURRY...
How's that horn thing workin' for ya?"

It's hard to describe it, and you can ask Sara Jean...
I really no longer experience road rage. I'm cool as a cucumber when I discuss road manners with these folks.

Rita said...

I completely agree with you CJ. But that voice in my head repeats what I heard on the radio once during a nasty snowstorm.

The DJ told ME, "Everyone is driving like a maniac EXCEPT FOR YOU."

And it was and is...so true.