26 August 2010


My relief came in right on time yesterday morning. I had called and roused Sara Jean 45 minutes earlier and she showed up 15 minutes after normal shift change time. I got my stuff out of the aircraft, briefed the oncoming pilot, and pointed the Penske truck toward its stable with SJ and the furkids following along behind. Turning the truck in went without a hitch. Ninety minutes later we were back home, and the bed was calling.
But I did it to myself again...
To help stay alert I had ingested a quart thermos of coffee on the drive into BigTown.
Part of it came out an hour after going to bed.
Another portion came out an hour after that.
I realized I had failed to take the phone off the hook when it woke me about an hour after that.
I gave up trying to sleep.
Time to catch up with some of the stuff recorded on TIVO.

Sara Jean came home from work...
It's "Dog Wash" time!
For me, it's easiest to just climb into the tub with both dogs and let the soap/shampoo fly.
Yogi first...
Anal gland squeeze, then a liberal application of baby shampoo (to protect the eyes) on the head and ears, followed by an equally liberal scrubbing with Zest soap over the rest of his body. A good rinse completes the task...
"Mom, he's ready!"
SJ collects Yogi and takes him upstairs for his blow-dry while I repeat the procedure with Lucy.
While Lucy is being dried, I soap the "wet dog" smell off my own body.

Big Bubba calls to let us know he's boarding his airplane... right on time.
He calls again when they stopover in Phoenix.
Two hours before his arrival time we get back on the road to BigTown, and the wear and tear of the cumulative driving to get the bike, return the truck, etc., begins to be REALLY old!

Ten minutes from the airport I look up to see a Southwest 737 fly right over us and point to it...
"That could be your son's airplane right there."
Three minutes later SJ's phone rings...
"I'm on the ground."

Knowing he still has to collect his bags I stop off and buy a bag of White Castle cheeseburgers. As we are driving up the "Arrivals" ramp he calls to say he's outside waiting on us. Perfect timing. Thirty seconds later we load BB and Desi and while he scarfs the belly bombers, I point the car toward home.

We pull into our drive at exactly midnight. I have to cover Mike for his day-shift so the night is gonna be mighty short. I hit the sack and this time I actually sleep soundly.
At 0545 this morning the alarm reminded me why I hate working day shifts.

The Moto Guzzi is in the garage. (And NO Old Man, BB won't be driving it! He can't even drive a stick-shift car.)
Big Bubba is back in his old surroundings.
Right after I push the "Publish Post" button I'm gonna try to catch a power nap here at work.
Things will return to normal and the visiting will begin when I get home tonight.
All is well.

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cj said...

I'm with you about day shifts...

And enjoy your time with BB. I suggest you stay away from the computer and ignore the news while he's in town.