15 October 2009

What Will You Do?

When the government says, "Turn in all your gold, now."
What will you do?

When the government starts imprisoning your neighbors...
What will you do?

When the government says, "Turn in all your guns."
What will you do?

When the government says "Your loved one's cancer care is costing taxpayers too much...
It's hopeless.
Take this Tylenol 3, go home and die".
What will you do?

Government now controls the insurance industry.
Government owns most of the U.S. automobile industry.
Now they're trying to control the health care industry, and they're working desperately to
make your power bill "skyrocket".

When I can no longer point out here how government is steadily taking away your freedoms because your government is censoring bloggers...
What will you do?

At what point do you shout "ENOUGH!"?


OlePrairiedog said...

That point is near and coming into view.I will gather my famiy, friends, in-laws, outlaws in a secluded place and aim for survival. Loved ones first and when they are protected, seek a way to mend what's broke.

Secluded place coordinates available when identified.

cj said...


What does one have to do to be on the identified list?

We buried a young man here yesterday, a soldier, that died while Obama was more worried about the freakin' Olympics than he was about meeting with his hand-picked commander in Afghanistand. It makes a difficult situation all that much harder.

I keep telling myself to hang on for the 2010 elections... but we may be running out of time. My only consolation is that I live in a part of the country that has always done its own thing and everyone is armed...


Lisa said...

There will not be any secluded place to go, I think. Maybe for a few, but I think the people are rising up from their slumber and we are already fighting back. The fight is just beginning, I know, but the Americans are an incredible lot. We are shouting "ENOUGH" all over the country!

OlePrairiedog said...

We are doing that here too, Lisa. However, prudence makes me want to get my bride, and grandbabies somewhere safe and then help fix the problem.

cj, Its near running water, deeply forested, with lots of critters. It's not easy to get to and you can see folks coming a long way before they get there.

Greybeard said...

I've been praying for Texas to secede. It still looks as if someone there is considering that possibility.
Make it so, Texas!
I'm there, ready to defend you.

cj said...

Well, by that description, OPD, I'm already there.