01 October 2009


He says Capitalism has done nothing for him.
If he caught fire he'd burn for quite a while.
(Not that I'd wish that on 'im.)


cj said...

I'm not so certain I wouldn't wish that one him...

No, I don't have that sort of insane hatred in me.

Moore is a buffoon, plain and simple.

And, we're thinking alike again. I was going to do a post on his idiocy but I'm feeling crummy enough without adding to my misery. Thanks for covering it.


Rita said...

Surely he made this movie to be the most ironic piece of ....film ever made.

Nothing will ever make me understand how those who have profited most from capitalism and hate it so much NEVER move to a communist country. Go. Be Happy. PLEASE. I don't want to watch your stupid Hollywood movie garbage.

While perusing other blogs, I actually laughed outloud when I read Rain's post on this one. She actually posted this about his movie, "From what I have heard he managed to make it nonpartisan and nail both left and right for what they have let happen where 1% of our people control 95% of the wealth"

Oh yeah,Michael Moore - nonpartison.

As I said, the movie has to be some ironic joke. Of course, all of Moore's movies are a joke.

cj said...

Rita -

Artfully said. And I wonder the same thing. If this country is so horrid, why not go to a socialist country and live? Maybe they won't because of the tax rates there? No, that can't possibly be it...

And where do I find Rain's blog? I've last track.


Rita said...

Here's Rain's blog.


The Old Man said...

Burn, fatass, burn.