29 October 2009

"The Story of A Student Helicopter Pilot"

Interested in the costs and difficulties of learning to fly helicopters?
Browsing my sitemeter to see who had stopped by, I found
Alan's blog. He's been blogging the experience of becoming a commercial helicopter pilot and Flight Instructor, and he keeps a running tab on his training, to include flight hours and costs.
He also posts with some regularity.
You might want to give him a look!


cj said...

If my quick math is anywhere near accurate, he's spent almost $56,000 so far! Good grief, I had no idea!


Alan said...

Yep, I've spent at least that much. It's an expensive endeavor. I'd love the military to pay for it. However, I'm too old for their flight programs. Fortunately, I've been able to pay cash for a big chunk of it.