28 April 2007

Destin, April 2007

Yeah, life's tough.
Somehow, someway, we'll find a way to cope.

The drive down went without a hitch, provided you don't count the flat tire that required the emptying of the trunk in order to get to the spare, or the driving another 6 hours knowing there was no spare should we encounter another "tire surprise".

No rain, no traffic... just a little fog as we got close to the coast. At that point we were smelling the sea, and nothing else really mattered anyway.

A single dolphin made it's way from West to East about 200 feet from the breakers this morning. The forecast is for 80 degree days and 60 degree nights for the next few. My High School classmates will begin to arrive tomorrow night... let the fun begin!

Last night it was blackened tuna.
Tonight, after the sunset ceremony, we're headed to a beachside bar for a Margarita, after which I think blackened Mahi-Mahi with red beans and rice and gumbo on the side will fill my empty spot.

Yes, it is a hardship. Thank God I have friends to help me make it through this trying experience!

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I understand you're doing the best you can under the trying circumstances down Florida way. Life's difficult, so if you need anything, I'm here for ya, GB. Just try to hang in there for the duration.