02 April 2007

Less Weight/Drag... Almost There!

A quickie to bring ya up to speed on my weight loss program.
I'm now in my 13th week and I've lost 14 pounds.
Yesterday I revelled in the fact that my jeans were almost falling off my hips, revealing a pretty good "Greybeard butt-crack"!
(Ooooh, yuck!)

Fourteen down and 4 to go.
A pound a week... so if I'm successful, I'll reach my goal in a month.

Keep positive thoughts comin' my way, please!


k said...

I propose a trade... For the next four months I'm supposed to gain a pound a week, which just seems obscene. You lose it, I'll take it.

(Keep up the good work!)

Greybeard said...

It's a deal K. And I think I can find another couple folks that will also donate avoirdupois to the cause!

And for those of you now wondering if K has an anorexia problem, this post illustrates K's "work in progress"!