30 January 2006

Size Matters

In this earlier post I discussed the history of the M1911 .45 calibre automatic.

Some years ago, in a controversial decision, the Army switched from the .45 to the 9mm Beretta as their sidearm.

It now appears that in the big bullet vs. smaller bullet comparison, we are taking another look at the big bullet.

Everything old is new again!

(The comments are interesting.)


Terry N said...

I have always believed that the 1911 was a Mack Truck coming at you. it was slow, but the mass made the stop. The old County Officers liked the idea that that 45acp could stop an engine. The 9mm put alot of holes in one fenders and out the other. I love the 45, but I carry a 9mm. 45 rounds on my person made more since compared to 21. It seemed I could stand around a corner and make alot of noise till back up showed up. A new 45 would be welcome.

Infinitegtr said...

I am sore about the designation of a "modern design" of the .45.

Les Baer, Springfield, even Kimber are all (mostly)based on the 1911 design. I have never heard or read a comaplaint about the Les Baer or Kimber (except price), and since the mid-1990's have heard no complaints about Springfield either.

Sig, H&K and company all have fantastic product, but it just seem to me that a simple, easy to maintain, user friendly design ought to be a priority for a combat sidearm...