22 January 2006

The Communist News Network

After I found out CNN had been censoring their News output in order to keep Saddam Hussein happy, the only reason I ever watched the network was to catch Robin Meade, left,

or Rudi Bakhtiar, lower right, reading the headlines.

(I know......Dirty Old Man!)

Robin is the morning anchor for CNN's "Headline News", and she is a hoot. I'd buy dinner just to watch her chew.

Rudi anchored CNN/HN's night desk, and didn't have the platform to show her personality much. She's just easy on the eyes.

I turned on "Fair and Balanced" Fox News this afternoon, and guess who I saw?

Rudi, Rudi, Rudi!

It's obvious Fox knows how to get men to watch.....
They took Martha MacCallum from MSNBC a year ago.

C'mon Robin!
I know how to increase your viewership with one simple move!

P.S. A thought to counter any idea that Fox is nothing but a beauty pageant:
Robert Novak is in, Laurie Dhue is gone!

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