25 January 2006

January 25, 1947

That would be 59 years ago, wouldn't it?


That's the day Al Capone died.
It's also the day an actress named Leigh Taylor Young was born. She later married Ryan O'Neal.
And later divorced him......irreconcilable differences or mental cruelty, I suppose.

Greybeard's Mom had a package arrive that day......red, squirming, and fussing. It was a special day for her, and for me.

I guess it's good to mark Birthdays as special. A time to reflect on where ya been and where you're goin'. And if you're fortunate enough to survive another year, they just keep coming,
so it really makes no sense to fret about 'em.

And 59.........
Still starts with fifty, so that's not so bad, right?
And I have an entire year to adjust to the fact that my next birthday will be the portal to another decade, starting with the dreaded "6".
Any age starting with a six is undeniably old, isn't it?

I take some solace in the fact that others say, "well, ya don't look it." when they hear my age.
It's comforting to hear, even if they're lying to me.
My health is great. My mind still works well enough to figure out how to post on my blog. I wake in the morning looking forward to the day.

And something that I hope all of you experience........
Wisdom can come with age, if you allow it.
I know I still have much to learn. I'm more willing to learn now than I have ever been.
I'm lucky enough to have a teaching job, and I enjoy that too. Oddly, while teaching, I learn more.
I know what makes me happy, and I'm better at avoiding people and things that complicate my life.

Flying the helicopter ambulance is a constant reminder that in spite of all we do, none of us is promised a sunrise tomorrow morning.

So my wish to you today is that you enjoy your life. Surround yourself with people and things that stimulate you, make you feel good, make you smile.

I want to thank those of you that stop by "Pitchpull" to visit, particularly those that leave comments to let me know how my thoughts affect you.
My "virtual" family has become a source of enjoyment and stimulation.........and smiles to me.

With your help, I can handle 59. But next year?
I may take a hint from Jack Benny.

Well, it didn't break the camera!



You look great!! Best wishes to you on this day.

Kit said...

Great post :)

Aviatrix said...

Happy birthday! And here you had me thinking you were some kind of old curmudgeon. Fifty-nine isn't nearly old yet.

the golden horse said...

Happy Birthday and many many more.
I think we are only as old as we act in spite of what our bones tell us.

Purple Tabby said...

Happy Birthday, Greybeard! WOW I had NO idea you were THAT old! ;)

When was that photo taken?
What a handsome couple; such a dashing young Officer. Very nice!

Enjoy being 59 because there are only 365 days of it. Next year this time, we will drape the windows in black crepe ;)

John said...

Happy Birthday!

Oleprairiedog said...

May you live as long as you want to and want to as long as you live. Tell SaraJean,that wish is from me.
Happy Birthday, Brother

Candypants said...

Happy Birthday!!!