28 April 2020

Tribute Bands

 In Branson, MO last year we saw tributes to ABBA, Elvis, and the Temptations. (The Temptations group had a couple guys that actually sang with the original group.)
In Destin, FL in the Fall, we saw wonderful acts playing songs made popular by the BeeGees and Chicago.
And it made me think-
"Journey" is still touring.
There's a fabulous Filipino singer out front that sounds more like Steve Perry than Steve Perry. Some of the original backup players now performing are not from the original group. So the question:
Isn't the present "Journey" group now a "Tribute Band" for all intents?

Rock and roll is here to stay, I know that very well!


Greybeard said...


Old NFO said...

Probably... but it's STILL good music!

Greybeard said...

AMEN, Navy!
That's why we continue to throw dollars their way.
I just hope the venues are once again opened.... SOON.