11 April 2020


I like bread. 
I love it fresh out of the oven, still warm, so the REAL BUTTER melts on it.
For a guy who's "height challenged" with newly diagnosed blood glucose issues, that's a problem.

Years ago, Mother bought us one of those bread makers.
You add all the ingredients and turn it on. It mixes, kneads, and bakes automatically. When it BEEPS you have a one-pound loaf to spread butter on. (Don't forget to remove the little stirring thingy from the bottom of the loaf as Mother did, or your machine becomes useless.)

With my weight/cholesterol/glucose troubles we realized the bread maker had to be retired.
So it is now gathering dust out in the utility room next to some of the other "gadget" appliances we have acquired along the way. (Why did we ever think we'd make regular use of that thing that makes a sort of frozen yogurt out of fruits?)

I miss bread and butter.
Life is cruel.

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