25 November 2015

Yes, I Know I'm Angry.

And I guess it IS a problem.
But... how do I correct it if it seems to be an "un-problem" to me?

She said, "Greybeard, I'm worried about you.
And I'm not the only one... there are others worried about you."
She's talking about my anger. And I understand.
My problem is, others don't try to see the world through my eyes.
So, if you can, try to see how the world looks to me:

It all started back in '08 when it was obvious Hillary wouldn't be the dem nominee.
I already knew more than most about this young, attractive, powerfully speaking upstart.
Living in Illinois, I had watched him win the scandalous election for U.S. Senator after some POWERFUL but corrupt individual had (illegally) released information about
the divorce of Jeri and (U.S. Senatorial candidate) Jack Ryan. I watched as the republican party scrambled to find a suitable candidate to replace Ryan on the ballot, then watched as Alan Keyes made a hash of his campaign.
Dirty, dirty politics... normal for the state governed by "Chicago Style" politics.
I shrugged my shoulders and accepted.

But Obama had only served as U.S. Senator from Illinois a short while when, suddenly, he became a candidate for president of the United States.
He had a poor record as State Senator.

Information on his life, to include his birth certificate, his passport, his undergraduate college records, his graduate college records, and his tenure as editor of the Harvard Law Review... all vanished. Rather than take a stand, he voted "present" on virtually all controversial bills.

But I had faith all would be well.
I grew up in Indiana. I was surrounded by grounded, thinking, solid citizens there.
This will work out... Obama has NO chance of winning because voters will see through this carnival.
In front of others I even began to mock him, saying his name in the most quiet, reverent way I could.
Hadn't Oprah called him "The Messiah"?

I put too much faith in young voters.
Here at "Pitchpull" a young med student calling himself "Flightfire" and a guy studying to be an aircraft mechanic... "Rodolfo", began forcefully commenting in favor of electing "The One".
No rational argument could dissuade them.
"Don't try to convince me with facts. I've already made up my mind!"
I was stupid. I did not realize how much Bush Derangement Syndrome had affected my country.

So Obama was elected.
Oh well. It IS historical. He DID campaign on uniting the nation.
Maybe he'll surprise me.

Yeah, he has surprised me. But voters have surprised me even more. Obama runs for re-election and wins? How is that possible?

Against my will I found myself in the U.S. Army in 1966.

I decided to make lemonade out of lemons.
When I took the oath to support and defend the Constitution I had tears in my eyes. I meant every word. I still take that oath seriously, and will until I no longer draw breath.

So, through my eyes, try to imagine how it felt to go to war, be repeatedly shot at, (one round missing my face literally by six inches), and come home to watch my war be lost by politicians.
Through my eyes, try to imagine what it's like to watch the Chief Law Enforcement Officer of the land decide which laws he'll enforce and which he won't.
Through my eyes, try to imagine how I feel when, as a former Deputy Sheriff, I watch as the leader of the land announced "The cops acted stupidly".
I'm in despair.
Why am I in despair?
My government is letting us down. My country is dying. Why?
Because my fellow citizens were stupid. They willingly voted for a "Pig in a Poke".

And MY biggest problem is that I know who to blame.
I actually was called a racist by some of these idiots because I disagreed with Obama's policies...
Policies I KNEW at the time would lead to the terrible situation we now find ourselves in.
What should I do? What can I do?
I have, to the extent I can, removed myself from them.

If you want, how do you come back within my "circle of wagons"?
Is it too much to ask for an apology for calling me a racist... for voting in a way that's destroying our country?
Millions of my fellow Veterans are, (let me be nice), ANGRY.
Maybe a little self-flagellation on your part would suffice?!

I just hope we get adult leadership soon. I hope that some REAL leader can say the magic words that help us avoid a Civil War in my beloved country.
God be with us.


Well Seasoned Fool said...

May I suggest you are angry for the same reason many of us are angry. Jody is winning. Which brings another question. Were we stupid to try doing what is right and honorable?

I have no quick answer as to handling the anger. In my case, I wage an unending campaign of calling them on their bullshit. Helps me.

Old NFO said...

Amen... sigh...

Greybeard said...

For those of you shaking your heads about WSF's "Jody" comment, let me illuminate for you what most of us who marched "double-time" in formation know-
Imagine the drum-like beat of about 30 or so footfalls simultaneously hitting pavement to this lyric...
"Ain't no use in goin' home, JODY'S got your girl and GONE!"

"Were we stupid to try doing what is right and honorable?"
No, my friend. We can look ourselves in the mirror without gagging and vomiting.
Jody? She divorced his sorry backside years ago and is now living on his support payment.
I wouldn't trade places with him for all the Ham and Lima Beans in the world.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

"Ham and Lima Beans"
I them and the extra can of peaches I got in trade.

eiaftinfo said...

There's anger . . . and then there's "righteous anger" . . . I think you know where you fall, and there is no fault in that. I'm right there with you!

I'm right on the edge of believing that about all we can do is to prepare for the worst. This next election will do a lot to point out which fork in the road we've allowed the elites to choose for us. I fear the "more free ice cream" road and can feel the nations wheels still turned in that direction. Less than 12 months will tell the tale.

Mean time, draw family together, train, check the weapons locker, add another 1,000 rounds to the magazine, leave urban areas, tuck some food away . . . and pray hard every day.

cary said...

Anger is justified when the situation demands it and no one else will see it.

Willful ignorance, I call it. Societal suicide, others have called it.

Either way, people look at me and wonder why I don't rejoice when the latest Supreme Decision is hailed in the news. I tell them why now, and they call me names when I point out the lack of clothing on the day's emperor.

Keep the powder dry and the rounds coated in bacon grease, it's going to get really messy if some adults don't' step in really soon.

denicave said...

Your words speak volumes. I too am angry, but I grieve more . The country I love with all my heart is willfully being destroyed from within. We can no longer blame only the liberals - our conservative "leaders" are certainly not providing the spine and leadership we so desperately need. They no longer bother to even pretend to listen to their constituents. I fear not so much for our generation but my grandchildren.

However, those that believe Scripture know the United States is not referenced in the last days. It is easy to believe this could be the beginning of the end times.

Graybeard, thank you for sharing.