05 November 2015

Bye-Bye Facebook!

I'm now sitting about forty feet from where I sat when I started "Pitchpull" a little over ten years ago.
Destin, Florida.

I've been unfaithful.
I've neglected the Blog now for over a year.
I now know how Don Quixote SHOULD have felt. Ol' Don assumed he was doin' good things.
But the rest of the world thought he was a fool.
I'm tired of shouting from the rooftops.
I'm tired of posting stuff on Facebook that eventually comes true because no one else cares.
My cardiovascular system needs a vacation in Destin.

My Facebook account will stay open, but this is the last time you'll see anything on my page.
I'm returning to Old Faithful, where at least I can easily go back and show how idiots like "Rodolfo" and "Flightfire" voted for poison.
(Remember them, Pitchpullers? :>) )

Deep breath.
I'm goin' to the balcony. It's 80 degrees with a few clouds today.
I feel good.
I hope you do too.
Leave a comment at "Pitchpull" and I'll respond.


Well Seasoned Fool said...

I stay on Facebook only to call bullshit on the (P)regressives. Won't give them a free pass.

Anonymous said...

Here's to cool breezes and warm waters! (Jim Shoffstall)

Greybeard said...

Thanks Jim.
We'll be here 'til at least the end of February.
The light in the back is on for ya.

Milepost 154 said...

I had a fellow blogger EXILED from his Facebook account when he wrote something that Facebook didn't care for. Screw that and screw Facebook. I OWN my own domain, my name, and I don't need anyone's approval for my writing. I REFUSE to give some invasive digital dictator oversight of my writing.

THAT is why I am not on Facebook.


Joe said...

Glad you are back

cary said...

Good idea, my friend. Glad to have you back. Now, I just need to follow your lead ...

Greybeard said...

When you find yourself being offended by someone that you agree with 90% of the time after you've made a statement you feel is inarguable Cary, it's time to stop, re-evaluate, and maybe retreat a little.
In today's environment I'm now judging "friends" by whether or not I'd want them occupying my Foxhole. That includes FB.
You're one of my "friends".

cary said...

I am honored. Don't step in the grenade sump.

The Old Man said...

Damn glad to see you back at the blog, amigo. Thought you'd stepped into the clearing when I wasn't looking....