26 November 2015

On this Thanksgiving Day, My Family IS Blessed.

I know I'm one of the fortunate ones.
LONG ago I realized... I'M RICH.
You probably are too.
Does that make you happy?
It should.

If, when you've paid your bills, you have money left over to spend on things you WANT...
You are probably in that 1% of the world's population, income-wise.

Don't envy Donald Trump.
I suspect he's not really a happy camper.

Hug your wife.
Hug your kids.
Eat too much.
Watch something on your big flat screen TV.
And be happy.

Yes, the world's a mess.
But... where ON EARTH would you rather be?

Thank you Lord.
Guide our leaders.
Be with us and guide us, too.


Milepost 154 said...


God bless America, the last and best hope for the entire planet.

Give thanks.


Ed Bonderenka said...

Not to mention, your white privilege.
I trust you've had a great Thanksgiving, because you sure said one.

Old NFO said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

cary said...

Hope you and yours had an enjoyable holiday. Looking forward to visiting with you when you get to town.