18 May 2012

Obama The Liar

So the "news" is finally out...
When it was to his advantage, (to make him look cool and sell his book), he was Kenyan born.
Then, when it was necessary for him to be a U.S. Citizen, (even though he STILL COULD NOT BE NATURAL BORN), he was miraculously born in Hawaii.
As Roger Simon said in his piece on the subject, "either way, he's a liar."
From here to the election, this is gonna be entertaining. What do democrats do, now that this citizenship story is finally unraveling? (With Biden as V.P., they've gotta be pulling out their [plugged?] hair.)
What does our media do to try to act like they were caught with their pants down on the subject? How do they now expect us to trust anything they report?
And where now are the snot-nosed kids that came to "Pitchpull" four years ago telling me I was wrong about all this?

Being vindicated is SUCH GOOD MEDICINE!


Well Seasoned Fool said...

This will need turbo charged spin doctors.

Joe said...

The Obama rug is big and the MSM will just lift a corner and sweep the mess out of sight.

"Move along,we have already addressed this" will be the theme.

the golden horse said...

This is the most corrupt DC gang in history. Even when blantant lies and corruption is staring them in the face, they just stall and hope it goes away.
They hope if they ignore it long enough, it won't be true.
Where are our Reps that we hired and can fire?
I have heard there have been some serious threats tossed out. Maybe that's it. I think we are up about 7 mysterious deaths connected now.