15 May 2012

" I wrote to SU Carburettors asking if they had any pictures of Tilly's Orifice, and explained it was because my Beaver was running badly. "

Fascinating. I just happened upon this blog and will be spending some time reviewing old posts there!


Old NFO said...

Oh that is hilarious :-)

eiaftinfo said...

Let's see, communicating from a post to a post to a post . . . aren't computers fun!

I started my tour in April 70 and went between Pleiku and Ahn Khe. I was Air Force and worked at the tower at Pleiku and the ALCE unit at Ahn Khe. I got caught up in the big draw down in December 70 and ended up attached to the 4th ID as an RTO. Life as a grunt kinda sucked! :) I just did a single tour but stayed in for a full 21 years between the AF and Air Guard. Retired out as the Avionics Officer for the 132nd in Des Moines - we were flying the A7 at the time I got out. Been retired longer now than I was in - where the heck has the time gone??? :)

Good to meet you sir!