08 May 2012

Europe Watch

France has elected a Socialist leader.
Apparently the french have decided work is too much of a hassle...
Don't worry, be happy.
This is going to be SO entertaining, but cannot end well.
It's time to turn our eyes to the East and watch...
How long will Germany support the "bums"?
And for me the big question is, will our own Socialists be able to put 2 and 2 together?
(With a degree in Liberal Arts, Math is mighty difficult for most of 'em.)

We apparently don't have the discipline to do "austerity" here either.
So watch France... see our future.


cary said...


Members of the Greatest Generation fought, bled, and DIED to make sure that the National Socialist Party did not invade, take over, or overrun the country of Fwance.

Instead, a generation and a half later, the Fwench have inivted them in and served them a cup of bloody tea.

I can here my great uncles and distant cousins spinning in their graves on the coast of Normandy.

Old NFO said...

Yep, Cary is right, and this is the beginning (or maybe the middle) of the end of the EU!

CnC said...

What else can you expect from France?
The occupiers should move there and see what utopia is all about.

Joe said...

Not all of us with a degree in liberal arts are ignorant of Truth. I had to take some math classes to graduate! And economics and history.

Things are going to get ugly.

michael said...

Ya know, there is an entire generation of German officers that have not dined in Paris...